Owner of the month September 2018 - Dave Marshall

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Owner of the month September 2018 - Dave Marshall

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Published by Lisa Olsson in Owner Of The Month · 30 September 2018
North Island Harness Owners Association (NIHOA)
Owner of the month September 2018
Dave Marshall


Myself (Lisa Olsson) and Gayleen from the committee tracked down Dave Marshall at Alexandra Park 26th October to congratulate him on the win of the Owner of the Month for September. We found him down by The Alex towards the end of the night. He had gone in the draw for the monthly price following Alta Leonie’s win on 21st September, price is a table for 4 which he had taken use of and invited some friends that night.

Above is Dave’s guest on the night, enjoying the festivities at the Top of The Park. From left to right: Dave Higgins, Kim and Vicki Hughes (they have a business Farrier Supplies: farriersupplies.co.nz ) and Kim is also farrier for the Marshall team, Gary Davies (Kyle’s grand dad), Sandra Davies (Kyle’s mum).

We wanted to find out about Dave’s journey with this horse so far, challenges and perhaps plans to date.
How did you get this horse?
Dave Higgins and Kyle (son) went to the sales and picked her. Think they got her for about $7000, she would have been out of one of the first crops after Big Jim (stallion).
Looking at her race record; it seems like she wasn’t necessarily an early horse?
I actually thought she would race as a 2 year old, but she had wind problems. We have done a tieback operation on her, things seems ok now. She qualified before the operation, went 2.48 over 2200 with
her wind at 20%. She got her surgery after that. (Explaining the year off the track between qualifier and first start)
She has raced a lot the Auckland way (right handed) is there a reason?
Not really, just timing really.
Any goals or plans for her going forward?
There has been discussions of putting her in foal but we want another season. She is not as good as she has been currently so she is going out for a spell. No particular targets or goals, we will just take it as it comes.



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