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Owner of the Month October 2018 - Andy Thomson

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Published by in Owner Of The Month · 31 October 2018
North Island Harness Owners Association (NIHOA)
Owner of the Month October 2018
Andy Thomson
Myself (Lisa Olsson) caught up with Andy in February, for a (late) catch up following win of Owner of the Month price. I congratulated him on the win of the Owner of the Month for October following Grenado’s win on 18th October, the price is a table for 4 which Andy has opted to have at Alexandra Park at the Tasman Room / Top of the Park.
Grenado waiting to race at Te Awamutu.
How long have you been involved in harness racing? (As an owner or otherwise)
“About 6 years, started out taking a share in the Breakout Syndicate a syndicate through Jay Abernethy.”
How come you got into harness racing?
“It was a good time, kids had grown up and always been something I wanted to do. Found Jay through his website.”
How come you got a share in Grenado?
“Through the Breakout syndicate.”
Do you have a particular interest in trotters?
“Initially, it was pacers but it has just been a coincidence that it has turned out to be quite a few trotters.”
Grenado made racing history as winning the first monte tote race last year with Michelle Northcott, that must have been a great thrill?
“Yes, it was.”
Have you had any more horses we should be looking? Perhaps some we should look out for?
“I am also a part of a syndicate through Stonewall Stud that currently are running Step Up(at time of writing article 5 wins and $151 243) and have also taken a share in a full sister to Majestic One that is going to be trained by the Blanchard’s.”
During our conversation, it also came up that Andy has an ownership interest in greyhound racing as well. Particular success through open class sprinter Blitz’em Rene trained by J Udy & D Cottam.
The price is a table for 4 which you have opted to have at Alexandra Park, have you had a chance to use it as yet? If not, any plans as to when?
“No, not as yet. But potentially planning to come down on the 8th March as Step Up is looking to race that day. As we live north me and my wife Kim primarily follow the horses on the tv, but try to get down every couple of months.”
Finally, what would be your favorite memory from the races or a special highlight? Perhaps as an owner?
“It would be when able to be on course when they win, it is such a thrill. Only been able to be on course when they win 3-4 times. Alexandra Park is fantastic the way they take care off you. ”
Where is the best place to watch the races according to you, at Alexandra Park?
“Well, we just watch them from the Lyell Creek Lounge and the grandstand there.”

Above: Andy with his wife Kim on the left and 2 guests on the 8th March enjoying the racing action from Top of The Park (the Owner of the Month prize)

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