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Bernie Lim - Owner of the month August 2018

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Published by in Owner Of The Month · 31 August 2018
North Island Harness Owners Association (NIHOA)
Owner of the month August 2018
Bernie Lim
Myself (Lisa Olsson) and Gayleen from the committee caught up with Bernie Lim at Alexandra Park 14th September just after Jansson had raced.  We congratulated him on the win of the Owner of the Month for August following Jansson’s win on 10th August, price is a table for 4 which Bernie will get at Alexandra Park at the Tasman Room / Top of the Park.
Bernie catching up with co-trainer Bernie Hackett after the race.
He was notified earlier in the week by Jay Abernethy(committee member) about the win, it had been a pleasant surprise! He had forgotten signing up.
We wanted to find out about the journey he has had so far with Jansson - as we all know it is more often than not straight forward….
How long have you had Jansson?
Since a foal I breed him.
How come you went to Monarchy? Are you still breeding from his dam Sunlamp?
That time Monarchy crossed really well with Sunlamp. Yes, she is due to foal by Creatine.
He went to Richard Brosnan to get broken in?
No Derek Balle broke him in, then he went to Richards.
Michelle (Wallis) mentioned he spelled for a long period of time, how come?
He didn’t do very good at Richards, and I was told to get rid of Jansson. He wasn’t a very nice horse.
So when you say he wasn’t a very nice horse was it temperament wise or technique wise or...?
Temperament wise, yeah.
How come you kept him anyway? Why didn’t you give him a way for a hack?
Because he is a half to Torbjorn. I just spelled him at home for about 12 months.
How come he went to Michelle?
I tried to load him to take back to Richards to sort out…. Couldn’t do it by myself. So thought I get Michelle to pick him up - she is good with horses.
And then she just got to keep him?
How many wins has he had since she got him?
What about the name Jansson?
Got the name from when I did some travel in Europe when Special Force was over there. I believe Torbjorn Jansson is a pretty good driver over in Sweden.
What is so special about trotters for you?
They have just gone better for me. I have had pacers as well but they haven’t gone as good.
Finally, what did you think of the win on the 10th?
Yeah, he was very good. Is is going to go for a 4 week spell now and then go back to Michelle’s
Written by: Lisa Olsson

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